Language Lab

In line with our philosophy of providing a holistic education to all our children, we set up a language lab, to increase spoken and written English skills, for them. Our first batch of Class X students will graduate in the academic year 2018/19. It will be extremely important for these children to be competent in written and spoken English to adequately face up to the external environments they will move into beyond the realms of the small villages/hamlets they live in.. This will help to set them up to a solid future and further their academic endeavours and professional careers later.This is a great incentive to all the children in the School to improve their proficiency in English.

A physical space where expert pedagogical aids are made accessible, with individual and group workstation environments with headphones where the students can learn spoken and written language skills. This will facilitate self-paced learning enabled by Software based teaching aids to improve their spoken and written English. The Lab has been set up in a separate Room where a Smart Board Facility is also available with access to web based educational software.

A few photographs of the Digital Lab: