Annual Emanuel school visit and sports day at GKV

Staff and students from Emanuel School, London have been visiting GKV every year since 2012. During this visit they work with the students and teachers on the English language as well as co-curricular activities such as arts, music, games etc. This year the visit, led by Ms. Rosalind Tendler, took place in July 2019. 

The annual sports day for primary classes was held during their visit on 26th .Musical chairs for the LKG children was enjoyed by all. Balloon Bursting for the UKG, Water filling for Istd were very enthusiastic and lively. Tough fight was given by the girls also. It was amazing to see the children energetically bursting the balloon of others. Hoops running, Coconut shell walk and hockey ball tribbling were played by the kids .The most interesting game was “Sack race”. Everybody enjoyed the sack race played by the kids The Emanuel students  wanted to play both balloon bursting and sack race and thorughly enjoyed themselves doing so.  The winners were given the cups by the Emanuel staff. TNPL player Rajagopala Sathish of Kanchi Veerans graced the evening as a special guest providing a highly cherishable experience for the children.