Education during the pandemic

GKV, like all schools nationwide,  stopped functioning normally around March 2020 ( AY 2019/20 ) and has been unable to resume , even as of May 2021. One full Academic Year 2020/21 was ineffectual due to the pandemic. Online classes conducted , via Zoom, by our partner school Jayendra for their students  has been made available to GKV students from 6th to 10th standard. The GKV teachers support Jayendra teachers in conducting these classes. Of course the students of GKV   do not have typically have computers with Internet facilities at home  – they make do with smartphones with data connectivity. The attendance and participation of the students in these online classes has been about 70% or so . 

For Classes 1 to 5, Whatsapp is the main application used  for teaching and learning. Teachers from GKV are highly committed to do their best with this constraint and send assignments to children to work on at home and submit for correction. For the kindergarten  school children also they adopt this approach.

While the above is hardly a substitute for attending school, this at least keeps them in touch with their studies and will enable them to  make up when they start attending school in person, hopefully, in the later part of the Academic Year 2021/22. 

All our teachers and staff are continuing as before and their remuneration is being met. Teachers who are not dependent on public transport (those who are staying in nearby areas) come to the School to utilize the computer facilities, as needed, to provide lessons to the students, electronically or live on Zoom. Though our students do not have computers at home, they were exposed to Computers when they were attending Classes in school and this to a great extent facilitates our providing remote learning to them. The outcome is not, however, equal to in-class learning with teachers but this will facilitate them to a great extent when normal functioning of School resumes as they will not be out of touch with studies!

There are limitations to these approaches and improvisations are done to the extent feasible to provide the best possible learning outcome to students and to keep them in touch with curricular discipline. Our passionate and diligent teachers are committed to working closely with the students once in person classes resume to help them catch up with their learning. 

All the students are continuing their education and we are glad to share the encouraging  situation that there are no drop outs. It is unfortunate that pandemic has disproportionately impacted the economically disadvantaged in all facets of life including education!