Gita Krishnamurthy Trust has partnered with Sri JaiSankara Educational Trust to set up the school. SJTrust is also a not for profit organization in the field of education. They have set up what is acknowledged as one of the best high schools in Tamilnadu (our sister school Jayendra) Details of both trusts and trustees are as follows:

Gita Krishnamurthy Trust

301 Parkland Apartments
13 Eagle Street
Langford Town, Bangalore 560025, India
l: +91.80.41511090
m: +91.98457.22214

Managing Trustee:
A. Krishnamurthy
Managing Director (Retd) Haldia Petrochemicals, Bangalore, India


Executive Director (Retd) RBI, Chennai, India

Mrs. Devi Kar
Director, Modern High Girls School, Kolkata, India

Mrs . Meera Issacs
Director, Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai, India

Satish Sangameswaran
IT Professional, Bangalore, India

Venkat Krishnamurthy
Entrepreneur and IT Professional, Boston MA, USA

Bhasker Sharma
Consultant/Volunteer –  Development sector  , Bangalore, India

Shyam Ramamurthy
Management Professional, Chennai, India

Dilip Param
Entrepreneur, Bangalore, India


Sri JaiSankara Educational Trust

c/o Jayendra Golden Jubilee School
Sankarnagar, Tamilnadu 627357, India
l: +91.462.2300590 ;m: +91.94430.8702


SMR Raman

Managing Trustee, Professional, Sankarnagar, Tirunelveli, India

Usha Raman
Educationist, Principal, Jayendra High School, Sankarnagar Tirunelveli, India

Nirmala Ramarathinam
Correspondent, Jayendra High School, Sankarnagar, Tirunelveli, India


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