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lipped over Nick Horvath’s release

The Manawatu Jets are refusing to comment any further on the Nick Horvath situation.

Horvath, who has had a knee injury this season, has been dumped by the Jets due to medical reasons, but Horvath is disputing that and believes he’s fit to play.

“I don’t know how much I can comment on that,” he said. “That’s the board’s decision and [Horvath] was offered a position and he didn’t want to stop playing wholesale nfl jerseys so that’s wholesale nhl jerseys china where it is.”

Horvath, who didn’t go to the Jets’ game against the Southland Sharks on Friday night, believed the arrival of James Hunter from Sydney, who counts as a naturalised player, may have had something to do with the situation.

Teams are allowed only one naturalised New Zealander and United States born Horvath takes up that spot, so for Hunter to play, Horvath would have to miss out.

Larsen said it had nothing to do with Hunter arriving and they “brought him off the plane as a Kiwi” and that it wasn’t until later they discovered he cheap nfl jerseys was a naturalised player.

The press release states Horvath has been sidelined due cheap nhl jerseys china to health and safety concerns that his injury poses a greater long term risk to his health if he continues playing.

It said the Jets board made a difficult decision to put the health and safety of a player first and have considered submissions from medical staff and taken advice in relation to employer obligations.Articles Connexes:

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