Construction of additional classrooms

Presently we have up to Class 10 and we continue to have one Section in each Class from LKG onwards. In the  Academic Year 2018-19, our first batch of Class 10 passed out and the results were outstanding. All the Girls got through and almost all of them secured over 70% in the Board Examinations. Out of the total of 34, only one boy missed out narrowly.

As the school is currently up to 10th standard we counselled all of the 33 students to pursue higher education and reach out to us in case any financial support was required to do so. We decided to support all the 18 students(16 girls , 2 boys) , who  got admission on merit ito 11th standard in Jayendra Higher Secondary School. We are now supporting them for studies in Class 11 and 12 at a cost of around, approximately, Rs 400,000/, per annum, by scholarships. Many of our generous well wishers came forward to support this initiative.

As is well known job and career prospects are very limited if one does not puruse at least a vocational course in a polytechnic after 10th standard.  However, we were delighted to learn that most of these students and their parents want to puruse higher education and aspire to complete 12th standard and a college degree.   It is the same for the students of 10th standard in the academic year  2019-20,  We plan to offer similar support, as needed, to them as well with the patronage of our Donors.

However, from a longer term perspective,  it was felt prudent to develop GKV into a Higher Secondary School .  Towards this we decided to take  up construction of the balance  6 rooms, 3 in each wing, in the first floor of the building .  Given that the cost of construction continues to escalate it was felt that it is better to construct sooner than latter and mobilise funds from donors to supplement the trust’s resources. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the scheduled start of construction in April 2020 had to be postponed . We  hope to start the same in the September 2020 timeframe with a goal of completing at least one wing by March/April 2021. 

In addition to the physical furnished classrooms  we , of course, plan to add qualified and committed teaching staff for the Higher Secondary Section and well equipped separate  laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.   We look forward to  support from individual well wishers as well as from institutions to be able to achieve this!

Founder’s Day 2019

This year’s  founder’s day (8th August – the birthday of Gita Kirshnamurthy)  celebration at GKV had by now the customary vibes of high energy, enthusiasm and excitement.  Following is a brief overview of the evening including a few photos-  all well wishers of GKV are encouraged to experience this first hand if feasible.

The children of class 9 put up a science exhibiton with work models of physics and chemistry experiments which was a great effort. The program started with several songs by the school choir in Tamil and English – some of the Tamil songs were recitations from the syllabus with music composed by the music teacher. Mrs. Usha Raman and Mrs. Nirmala Ramarathnam of Jai Sankara Trust, Rev Paul Hunt(retd from Emanuel school), Sue Taylor (interim head of a UK school and Bhasker Sharma – represntative of Gita Krishnamurthy Trust addressed the parents.
This was followed by mini-convocation for the children moving from Kindergarten to 1st grade, Awards to the 1st and 2nd ranking students(both girls) of the outgoing 10th standard class and General proficiency awards for a student from each class/section. The parents of outgoing 10th class children were extremely happy to collect a check for about Rs 3000 from the higher education support scheme ( setup and contributed by a well wisher of GKT).   The evening concluded with  several skits on themes like respecting others viewpoint, conservation of water etc with the evening culminating with a wonderful dance performance on national integration by higher class children.

It was a very satisfying evening for the staff and children of GKV as well as the parents who were able to attend the function.

Annual Emanuel school visit and sports day at GKV

Staff and students from Emanuel School, London have been visiting GKV every year since 2012. During this visit they work with the students and teachers on the English language as well as co-curricular activities such as arts, music, games etc. This year the visit, led by Ms. Rosalind Tendler, took place in July 2019. 

The annual sports day for primary classes was held during their visit on 26th .Musical chairs for the LKG children was enjoyed by all. Balloon Bursting for the UKG, Water filling for Istd were very enthusiastic and lively. Tough fight was given by the girls also. It was amazing to see the children energetically bursting the balloon of others. Hoops running, Coconut shell walk and hockey ball tribbling were played by the kids .The most interesting game was “Sack race”. Everybody enjoyed the sack race played by the kids The Emanuel students  wanted to play both balloon bursting and sack race and thorughly enjoyed themselves doing so.  The winners were given the cups by the Emanuel staff. TNPL player Rajagopala Sathish of Kanchi Veerans graced the evening as a special guest providing a highly cherishable experience for the children. 


GROW-BY program to improve reading skills


In order to improve the reading skills of its children GKV partnered with  not for profit organisation, India Literacy Project (ILP), to work on their library project called
GROW-BY. ILP runs a number of sub-programs under the Multi-Dimensional Learning Space program.  The principal, Ms. Kausalya, along with a couple of other  GKV teachers in Nov-18 visited a state aided school in Kadayam about 40 km from GKV to observe the MDLS programs run by ILP volunteers.  

GKV chose to run two programs – the Science Lab and the Library initiative.
On 30th , 31st  May 2019  ILP volunteers alongwith GKV teachers catalogued 1000+ books in the GKV library into the GROW-BY categories to ensure each and every book was tagged. The color of the tag maps the book to a certain level of reading skills. The program defines  a structured process to assign children to a reading level and periodically  assess their progression  from one level to another. 

GKV decided to rollout the  library program  for Classes 1 through 5. Accordingly a timetable has been drawn up to include one library hour per week per class. Classes 3 to 5 physically go to the library while classes 1 and 2 have the period in their classroom itself. The library classes, now in their fourth month since school session started in June 2019, have been a success so much so that students from senior classes (class 6 onward) also come over to the library in their free period to go through the books! Thanks to the enthusiastic efforts  of the teachers of GKV this initiative  to ensure every student is capable to read, comprehend and converse in English & Tamil is well and truly under way!

A young budding artist…

It has been the endeavor of GKV to provide holistic education to its students and encourage them to pursue their interests in sports, arts, music etc.  It comes as no surprise that these children from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds have diverse immense talent which only needs some nurturing and mentoring to blossom. One example of this is Rajanainar of class 5 who has been at the school since LKG. Due to his interest in drawing he drew a picture from a photograph and sent it to a local Tamil newspaper that runs a section to encourage young artists. It gives us immense pride that his drawing was accepted and published in the paper.