Mission Picture


All children deserve a high quality education, regardless of their social or economic background.


To provide high quality education, free of cost, to girls and boys from rural communities that are denied opportunities due to economic and class distinctions.

Guiding Principles Of Our Learning Environment

  • Practice a nurturing approach to enable children to realize their full potential, beyond just a basic education
  • Actively promote education of girls in these communities
  • Focus on language skills, particularly English
  • Expose children to a well-rounded curriculum that includes computers, fine arts, music and sports
  • Use activity based methodologies and participatory skills to interest them in learning
  • Stress and teach healthy personal habits

Goals For The Surrounding Community

  • Educate parents on the benefits of their children’s literacy
  • Provide parents opportunities to interact with teachers and actively participate in their children’s progress
  • Support causes that improve economic activity in the region
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In my eyes, people who don’t set sales targets are essentially saying, “I’m not sure what I’m going to do this year and I don’t want to work harder than I have to.”

Top performing sales reps always set high, ambitious goals and their targets are usually higher than those set by their company. They use these goals to inspire and motivate themselves to achieve more.

Sales Lie: 6: “No one is buying.”

I recently spoke to someone who sells cars, an industry that has been particularly hard hit in the last few years. However, his sales continue to increase even though many people in the same business complain of declining sales.

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