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GKV school was started with funding from close  family and friends with majority of the contribution  from the managing trustee Mr. A. Krishnamurthy. Using these funds an initial endowment of Rs 20 Lakhs was setup by Gita Krishnamurthy Trust. The aim is to set up adequate endowments/Corpus to develop the school into a self sustaining entity through interest income earned from them. The endowments/corpus have been enhanced,by GKTrust, to about Rs 60 Lakhs. Apart from this a contribution of Rs 80 Lakhs has been made towards the construction of the first phase of the school building.

In order to achieve our goal of building a sustainable institution with our basic objective of providing cost free quality education, we are  seeking to raise funds from individual donors, corporates and institutional donors towards the operating costs of the school as well completion of the school building.

GKT is a zero overhead trust. Every dollar, pound or rupee contributed will be utilized either for the school’s operating costs towards the education of the children or capital expenses for the construction of the Building and furnishing of the school class rooms with good furniture.

Operating expenses:

All contributions, big or small, are welcome and will make a difference to the education of the children. Specifically a contribution of Rs 10,000($ 150) will support the education of one child for one year. Donors can adopt a child with a one time contribution of Rs 100,000($1500). This will pay for the education of a child from LKG through 10th grade in perpetuity. Alternatively Donors can donate Rs 10,000 ($ 150) every year towards supporting the education of a specific child up to Class 10.

Capital expenses:

Upwards of Rs 1 Crore ($150,000) has been spent for the construction of the first phase of the building. The construction commenced in October 2013 and sufficient progress was made for the children to function there from July 2014. To complete the  remainder of first phase and construct the 1st floor of the building, the trust needs to raise another Rs 1 Crore($150,000). This will enable accommodation of  children up to class 10 as well labs,library etc. with a total built up area of around 20,000 sft.

Specifically donors can contribute towards the following

  • Cost of construction of a class room Rs 500,000 ($ 8000)
  • Cost of equipping a Class Room Rs 100,000 ( $ 1600)
  • Build and Equip a Laboratory Rs 750,000 ($ 13,000)
  • Computer Lab with all Hardware Rs 11,00,000 ($ 20,000)

Donors contributing Rs 500,000($ 8,000) or more  will be recognised as PATRONS and their names would be suitably acknowledged  by naming classrooms or specific facilities like Computer Center, Library, Kindergarten Activity Room, Science Labs ,sports facilities etc. All contributions of Rs 200,00($3000) or more will be suitably acknowledged.

Contributions to Gita Krishnamurthy Trust can be made in Indian Rupees  or in a foreign currency either via check or direct transfer to its bank account. Please see  fund transfer details for more information. All donations made in Indian Rupees are eligible for tax deductions in India.  

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I st didn’t know model it was though. Searching online I couldn’t find i of n d I kn the name of th piece. Though it w clear t was a bit of an olde mod and had quartz mov Then so really random happened. I w v Switzerland and was speaking with a fellow watch wr Clearly noticing his w I real that he wearing t precis Porsche Design watc that was in th show. H random right? Thomas (I w spare him b not giving his full n was clearl perturbed I I could photog the wat he had b wearing for many years. B he l me (I d th I ga mu choice), I finall had another missing pi of the I still didn’t know the name of th watch though, b ha images of it helped m A little mo Googling and I finally learned wholesale jerseys shop th name and m of the w Lo Jack wears a Porsche Des Das 6600.41 watch. It is in steel and 38mm wide w sapphire crystal and a Sw cheap nhl jerseys quartz chronograp mov Finally, th super watc n within m has y another watch myst solved.

Is this a wat Matthew Fox, o just something that wardro pe in th s picked out? Likely the latter, but the reason t w fro the 1990s was picked for his character will re mystery. The funny thing i that someone else o ther ma very well have this sa question and answered it online already. I was so inte in personally solving this riddle, that I never even bothered to Googl “Jack Sh watch on Lost.” Part of this about being able t find t an for m Though hop I am doing a small service to watc wholesale jerseys and Lost lovers out there.Articles Connexes:

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