Construction of additional classrooms

Presently we have up to Class 10 and we continue to have one Section in each Class from LKG onwards. In the  Academic Year 2018-19, our first batch of Class 10 passed out and the results were outstanding. All the Girls got through and almost all of them secured over 70% in the Board Examinations. Out of the total of 34, only one boy missed out narrowly.

As the school is currently up to 10th standard we counselled all of the 33 students to pursue higher education and reach out to us in case any financial support was required to do so. We decided to support all the 18 students(16 girls , 2 boys) , who  got admission on merit ito 11th standard in Jayendra Higher Secondary School. We are now supporting them for studies in Class 11 and 12 at a cost of around, approximately, Rs 400,000/, per annum, by scholarships. Many of our generous well wishers came forward to support this initiative.

As is well known job and career prospects are very limited if one does not puruse at least a vocational course in a polytechnic after 10th standard.  However, we were delighted to learn that most of these students and their parents want to puruse higher education and aspire to complete 12th standard and a college degree.   It is the same for the students of 10th standard in the academic year  2019-20,  We plan to offer similar support, as needed, to them as well with the patronage of our Donors.

However, from a longer term perspective,  it was felt prudent to develop GKV into a Higher Secondary School .  Towards this we decided to take  up construction of the balance  6 rooms, 3 in each wing, in the first floor of the building .  Given that the cost of construction continues to escalate it was felt that it is better to construct sooner than latter and mobilise funds from donors to supplement the trust’s resources. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the scheduled start of construction in April 2020 had to be postponed . We  hope to start the same in the September 2020 timeframe with a goal of completing at least one wing by March/April 2021. 

In addition to the physical furnished classrooms  we , of course, plan to add qualified and committed teaching staff for the Higher Secondary Section and well equipped separate  laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.   We look forward to  support from individual well wishers as well as from institutions to be able to achieve this!