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Founder’s Day 2021

8th of August, the birthday of Mrs Gita Krishnamurthy, is celebrated at Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya every year as the founder’s day.  As in 2020, this year also the celebrations could not be done with the full participation of all school children. Instead a smaller celebration was held with students from 6th to 10th standard invited to attend. The event was streamed live via Zoom for the benefit of trustees and other supporters and well wishers from around the country and the world. The function started with a prayer invocation by all the teachers. Mrs Usha Raman, the trustee of Sri Jai Sankara Trust gave a small speech and welcomed the chief guest who then gave a talk to motivate the children to take advantage of the opportunity provided to them by GKV for learning and all round development and the importance of good education for a better future.   The top two students of each class in GKV were then recognised with a token award. As were the top two students from GKV studying in 11th and 12th standard at Sri Jayendra school (our partner school). Due precautions  were observed as per Covid guidelines.  A few photographs of the function:

Principal’s address

Address by Mrs Usha Raman – Trustee Sri Jai Sankara Trust and Principal Jayendra school

Address by chief gues

GKV students pursuing 11th and 12th in Jayendra school

Total of 46 students who passed out from GKV are now studying in     Jayendra school – a partner school whose management is administering GKV as well. Of these 22 students( 5 boys, 17 girls)  are in 11th standard and 24 students (5 boys,  19 girls) are in 12th standard.  These students are  supported financially  by Gita Krishnamurthy Trust with  substantial concessions in their school fees offered by Sri Jayendra Educational Trust. We hope to continue supporting these students at least till  the completion of their higher secondary school education !

Class of 2021

All 41 (24 girls , 17 boys) students of the class of 2021  have passed the 10th standard – for the 2nd consecutive year no board exams were held . This year the government decided not to award any marks or grades to the students. It is extremely heartening that all the children passed out in 2021 have decided to pursue further education.  Of these 24 children (19 girls, 5 boys) have taken admission in the 11th standard of  Jayendra School and the remaining 17 children(5 girls, 12 boys) have taken admission in various polytechnics. We wish all of them the very best!

A total of 102 children have now passed out of GKV – thanks to our supporters and well wishers and the staff of GKV school and Jayendra school for making this happen!!

First batch of GKV students complete 12th standard

All 33 students (23 girls, 10 boys) of the first batch of GKV students  who passed out from the 10th standard  in 2019 decided to pursue higher education . Out of these 33 students , 19 (17 girls and 2 boys) pursued 11th and 12th standard in our partner school Sri Jayendra Golden Jubilee School.  Happy to report that all 19 of them have passed the 12th standard.  Of these two girls, namely, Essakiselvi and Pathirakali, scored over 90% aggregate.  We are very proud that of the remaining students 11 of them scored over 80% and 6 scored over 65% – a very creditable performance given the background of the children with several of them being first from their family to complete high school. 

All of these students are hoping to pursue tertiary education – we congratulate them and wish them the very best in their future endeavors!!

GKV students get scholarships for higher education

Congratulations to  E.Esakkiselvi and M. Pathirakali, from the first batch of Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya  (  students(class of 2019- 10th Standard) , for being awarded the Hemlata 100 ( scholarship that  will support their tuition and other expenses for their education in an accredited college in any part of India and for their choice of graduate studies!

Esakkiselvi a student of GKV from 2012(4th standard) was the school topper in the 10th board exams in 2019  . Pathirakali, a  GKV student  from 2010(2nd standard) , stood school second in the 10th. They joined Jayendra HSc ( to complete their 11th and 12th and continued their good performance. They were recommended from the School for this Scholarship and came out successfully in the selection process.

We do hope this will be a harbinger of things to come for GKV Students and act as a stimulus for them to do well in their studies.