GROW-BY program to improve reading skills


In order to improve the reading skills of its children GKV partnered with  not for profit organisation, India Literacy Project (ILP), to work on their library project called
GROW-BY. ILP runs a number of sub-programs under the Multi-Dimensional Learning Space program.  The principal, Ms. Kausalya, along with a couple of other  GKV teachers in Nov-18 visited a state aided school in Kadayam about 40 km from GKV to observe the MDLS programs run by ILP volunteers.  

GKV chose to run two programs – the Science Lab and the Library initiative.
On 30th , 31st  May 2019  ILP volunteers alongwith GKV teachers catalogued 1000+ books in the GKV library into the GROW-BY categories to ensure each and every book was tagged. The color of the tag maps the book to a certain level of reading skills. The program defines  a structured process to assign children to a reading level and periodically  assess their progression  from one level to another. 

GKV decided to rollout the  library program  for Classes 1 through 5. Accordingly a timetable has been drawn up to include one library hour per week per class. Classes 3 to 5 physically go to the library while classes 1 and 2 have the period in their classroom itself. The library classes, now in their fourth month since school session started in June 2019, have been a success so much so that students from senior classes (class 6 onward) also come over to the library in their free period to go through the books! Thanks to the enthusiastic efforts  of the teachers of GKV this initiative  to ensure every student is capable to read, comprehend and converse in English & Tamil is well and truly under way!