Annual Medical Camp Feb 2019

Our Annual Medical Camp 2019 was conducted, as before by Dr Balasubramanian, our Paedaetrician and supporter from Pittsburg, USA along with volunteering Doctors from Tirunelveli, in Government Service as well as in Private Practice. We were fortunate to have a multi-disciplinary team of Doctors during this Camp.

All the children were generally in good health, with some needing vitamin supplements. Arrangements were made to give them out to the identified students. A couple of children needed further detailed Medical Check Ups and their Parents were called and advised suitably.

A few photographs:

Christmas Celebrations

All the children, as in the previous years, had fun time and celebrated Christmas with their usual enthusiasm. Santa made his presence to the delight of the children and distributed goodies.

They had visitors later on who spent a day with them. All were given a treat with Cookies and Milk as a part of the occasion.

                                                                       In Pictures



Inputs to Teachers


We are in touch with a NGO who may be able to identify one or two teacher volunteers, who have completed their course with them, to work in the school for a few months, on a regular basis. They will function as Resource Persons and interact with the teachers as well as students in the class room on various aspects like social skills, societal requirements, etc apart from academics to develop students’ confidence.

Another NGO called Shraddha which trains primary school teachers in Teaching and learning methodologies held a workshop recently with the Teachers of Jayendra and GKV. We hope to take this forward with their active involvement.

Life Skills and Career Guidance


Most of our students are first time school-goers in their family and are unaware of the opportunities a good education makes available to them. High school students will start receiving counseling through the support of identified NGOs to build their self-confidence and made aware of the opportunities ahead. Ashweetha Shetty, founder of Bodhi Tree Skills, a Tirunelveli based NGO, has come forward to volunteer and a beginning was made with a 3.5 hrs session with class 10 children. The children enjoyed the session and were forthcoming with their aspirations. We are structuring these interactions, on a regular basis, with the assistance of Ms Shetty. This was followed up with another session with the Teachers of GKV.

Ms Shetty is based in Tirunelveli and is committed to make a difference in the lives of rural children, as she was herself a product of the educational system in a village there, and is able to empathise with the children. She has an impressive Academic Record, having graduated from Ashoka University in India, worked in a leading firm for a couple of years and then left a promising career to start her non-profit. She is an ” Young Achiever Awardee “, recognised by the Tamil Nadu Government, and invited to be a Speaker in a ‘Ted’ conference in USA on rural education in India. She became proficient in English, both spoken and written, through sheer self efforts. She has brought out Booklets on potential Career opportunities for the students of Schools in the rural areas.

India Literacy Project, another NGO, with whom we are working, have also brought out several options on Career Guidance.

With the Intervention of both these NGOs, we are confident of making an impact in this area.