Annual Medical Camp 2018


As in the past, we had our Annual Medical Camp in which all the children in the School underwent a Medical Check up. Dr Balasubramanian, Paediatrician, from Pittsburgh, USA, who visits us every year, assisted by local Doctors and Nursing Staff, conducted the Camp. Dr Balasubramanian interacted with the Teachers as well to apprise them of the Dos’ and Dont’s regarding care of children.

Dr Balasubramanian was assisted by Dr Mrs Nambi Nachiar and her team. An ENT specialist was also present to examine those who needed some attention/advice. The Camp was conducted over three days from January 3 to 5, 2018.

Vitamin Supplements, as required, were provided to the children. In general, all the children were healthy and the only area where attention was necessary was Dental Hygiene. Children were advised of its importance and the steps that are necessary to maintain it. Teachers were also advised to stress the importance of Dental Hygiene to all the children.

Previous years’ medical records were looked into by Dr Balasubramanian, particularly for younger children, with respect to their yearly gain in Height and Weight, to detect any case of under nourishment. The findings were encouraging and none needed any special attention.

A few photographs of the Camp:


Christmas Celebrations 2017

Every Year Christmas is celebrated in GKV and the children have generally a good time with the Santas. Sweets are distributed to them as a part of the celebrations. The intention is to foster the various religions and cultural diversity in our Country as well as realise the significance of these festivals. As an annual event, all the children look forward to the Christmas festivities.

A few photographs:

GKV at Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Festival 2017


Tamil Nadu Government sponsored Arts & Crafts Festival invites pupils from Classes 6 to 10 to participate in this event. GKV, for th first time, took part in this event, with a strong contingent of 12 children from Class 6 to 8 ( 7 Girls and 5 Boys ) and 19 from Class 9 ( 13 Girls and 6 Boys ). Presently GKV has only up to Class9.

Our children competed in almost all the events from Painting, Clay Modelling, Group and individual singing, Essay writing ( English and Tamil ), Elocution ( English and Tamil ), Presenting small skits, Modern Art, Rangoli, Folk Singing, etc. The idea is to continually strive to give exposure to the children to the external world and build their self confidence.

Our students won four Second Prizes, in Folk Song, Pot Painting, Group Singing and Topic Related Drawing.

Our efforts to give preference to educate girls in rural communities, other things being equal, and make their parents buy in fully to their cause, has paid rich dividends, judging by the number of girls who have taken part and done commendably in these open competitions.

Our children are a confident lot and believe in themselves. Kudos to the Teachers who have trained them.

Photographs of  Prize winners:


GKV Children in Kiddival 2017

The Annual Kiddival Festival for children from LKG to Class 5, 2017 edition, was conducted on November 24 in Tirunelveli. A total of 75 Schools participated in the event from Tirunelveli and surrounding districts. A total of 29 events ranging from Fancy Dress, Fashion Parade to Singing, Dancing, Painting, Quiz, etc were conducted.

21 children, 13 Girls and 8 Boys took part in competitions like Fancy Dress, Painting, Pencil Sketching, Elocution, Spelling Bee, Quiz, Art from Waste, Word Power and Vocal Solo. We had increased number of participants from GKV, the intention being to give our children exposure to the outside world and incentivise them to excel in such extra curricular activities. The performance by our children, in front of large audiences, was commendable, considering the background from which they come from

A UKG child came second in Fancy Dress Competition. More than the prize, all our children enjoyed the opportunity given to them.

Photographs of the participants and the prize winning child:



School Building August 2017



Our School Building is complete except for three rooms at the end on either wing of the Building. We intend taking these up later, when the requirements arise, as the space available now is sufficient for us to go up to Class 12. The first floor has added another 8000 sq ft of space. We have commenced Class 9 in AY 2017/18 and the required Laboratory Facilities have also been set up. We have adequate Class Rooms for going up to Class 10 in the next Academic Year as well as up Class 12, if needed. We propose to take a call on going up to Class 12 next year.

If resources permit and without diluting our objective of providing quality education, free of cost, to the needy, we intend increasing the intake by adding one more section, in LKG, each year. If this comes up in the near future, we need to take up the construction of the additional three rooms in each wing for which we need to raise funding.

Our primary objectives would now be to improve the amenities to the children by adding good class room furniture and updated learning facilities like more Smart Boards for Interactive Teaching and learning, additional computers to provide individual access to children, internet facilities in a net worked environment, uninterrupted power supply to them, expanding the Library with additional Books, better sports and games facilities, childrens’ activity room, etc.

Our funding requirements for above would be around Rs 30 Lakhs and we do hope our philanthropic Donors would continue to assist us. We appeal to philanthropic individuals  and to Commercial Organisations to support us in this endeavour to provide quality education to children from under served communities, free of cost to them. We do believe donations to ventures like ours will qualify for support under CSR initiatives of Corporates.