Emanuells in GKV August 2016

Annual visit of teachers and students from Emanuells, London took place in August 2016. The team was led by Revered Paul Hunt and the Principal of Christ Church School, London, Ms Colette Morris was also a part of the delegation. As in the previous years, the interactions between Emanuell students and GKV children took place in small groups to make the learning experience more personal and interactive. The teachers taught, along with teachers from GKV, took a few classes and this not only benefited the children but also the teachers of GKV. The Annual Kids Day was celebrated along with Founder’s Day on August 8 and Emanuell Students as well as teachers had fun time and got to meet some of the parents as well. Pictures in Kids Day Post.

Pictures below bring out the teachers and children enjoying the learning process. Links to a few videos as well:





all-attention conversational-englishpictorial-learning-2 pictorial-learning

1st Founder’s day celebration – 8th August 2016



Gita Krishnamurthy Trust was setup in memory of Mrs. Gita Kirshnamurthy a dedicated and passionate teacher who was keen on helping under privileged children after her retirement. The management committee of Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya has decided to mark 8th of August, the birthday of Mrs. Gita Krishnamurthy, as the Founder’s day.  The 1st founder’s day  was celebrated with great energy and enthusiasm by the children and teachers of GKV a week ago.

The school was colourfully decorated by the children and teachers of the school.

IMG_20160808_084604_resized IMG_20160808_102438_resized

In the presence of the parents of the children , as well as the staff and students of London based partner school Emanuel the mini-convocation of UKG students to 1st standard was celebrated with a certificate to each of the children.


IMG_20160808_092804_resizedThis was then followed by finals of sports events for the older children. Many parents who were present at the event profusely expressed their gratitude for the availability of such a wonderful opportunity for quality education and overall development at almost no cost.


Update on School Building

Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya started in June 2009 in rented premises. The longer term goal was to move to its own premises in order to be able to provide sufficient space and better infrastructure and amenities for the children, so as to enable quality education and all round development, in line with that of good mainstream schools. About 3 acres of land was allocated for the school building in a larger piece of land, acquired by our partner trust Sri Jai Sankara Trust, in 2012.

The Bhoomi Puja for the schoool building was done in July 2013 and construction of the 11,000 sq feet ground floor of the building (Phase 1) started in October of that year. With the completion of sufficient number of classrooms and common amenities such as toilets etc the children moved to the new school building at the beginning of the academic year over 2 years ago, that is, in June 2014.  The ground floor is now fully occupied with all Classes along with Computer Lab and Library. Lighting has been completed and all class rooms have beenprovided with fans. Wireless Telephone connectivity is being established so that internet facilities could be operational. A total of fourteen computers are presently installed, ten from Infosys Ltd and four from Jayendra School, run by Sri Jai Sankara Trust.

To cater to the requirements as the school expands to a high school, construction of  first floor (Phase 2 ) of the building  has commenced in May 2016.  Columns and brick work are in progress and three rooms are nearing completion, commencing from the centre. The present status of construction is shown below:


IMG_20160808_124102_resized IMG_20160808_124025_resized

The goal is to construct five classrooms and complete the facade of the building to start with. Towards  this Rs 40 Lakhs has been mobilised. An additional Rs 40 Lakhs is required,as soon as possible, to complete the construction of the first floor and efforts are on to access additional funding. Check here for contributing either in INR and US$.

LKG students of 2016

LKG Class of 2016

LKG Class of 2016

As in earlier years, there was tremendous pressure from the parents of children, for admission to LKG at GKV. This high demand for admissions is in spite of the school premises being a little away from the town and all children in Government Schools enjoy benefits, in addition to free schooling, such as free uniforms, books, breakfast, mid-day meals etc.  This speaks volumes about the reputation of GKV in the local community.

As usual, preference has been given to the children from poorest families and all other things being equal, girls are given preference over boys. This year 45 children, 23 girls and 22 boys, have joined the LKG class. They are pictured above in their first week at school with their class teacher and the Principal of GKV.


GKV’s progress to a High School!!

1st batch of GKV High School students

1st batch of GKV students now in Class 8

Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya commenced operations in 2009 with an intake of 145 children – most of whom were 1st generation school goers from economically and socially backward families of Tirunelveli district.  These children joined the LKG,UKG and First standard. At that time the goal was to to educate these children till Class 5.  However, subsequently, a decision was made in 2013 to make GKV a High school and go up to Class 10.

We are proud to say that all the 21 girls and 14 boys who joined class 1 of the school in 2009 are doing well in academics. They have all moved to Class 8 from this academic year starting June 2016.