Mini convocation and Kids day 2015


View of the Ground and School Building

Mini convocation and kids day celebration at the new school building grounds

Children singing a song in between sports events


This year’s mini convocation and kids day function of the school was held on Saturday 11th April. As always the event was conducted with passion and commitment by the staff of GKV School and Jai Sankara School and there was enthusiastic participation by children from classes LKG through class 6. However, this year’s event was special and this showed in the energy level of the children – this is the first time the event is being held in the grounds of GKV’s own school building. The construction of the building commenced in October 2013 and children moved here at the beginning of the 2014-15 academic year.  The stage facing the large playground with freshly installed children’s play equipment  was completed last month just in time for the function.

The function started with sports competitions for each of the classes. A couple of  songs – one in Tamil and another in English – were wonderfully rendered by a group of older students. And then the much awaited mini-convocation in which every child going to class 1 was awarded a framed certificate. The evening ended with  profiency awards for all round performance  to  one student of each class/section. Mohaideen Fatima and Mohammed Fawaz  of class 1, Sheikh Mohamed and Gayathri of class 2, Rohini M and Kannammal of class 3, Antonyammal of class 4 and Pathirakali of class 5 were the proud recipients of this award.

The occassion was yet another reminder that given the right opportunity and guidance talent has a way of blossoming no matter what the economic or social background of the children!!