Improving Learning Outcomes

English Language Lab

Most children in rural India have limited exposure to English and are weak in spoken English and comprehension. They need self confidence conversing in English. The school is planning to set up a Language Lab with suitable low cost Tablets, audio accessories andcommercially available software. This can be used both by teachers and students to develop at their own pace.

Driving better outcomes in Mathematics

Mathematics is an important subject but generally looked upon with apprehension by most students. This isn’t unique to GKV! A private educational software company has provided us with free“Learning Kits” for all the children from Class 1 to 8. They’ve also provided instructional videos to effectively use the contents by theTeachers. A beginning has been made. A professional from theCompany is also scheduled to conduct workshops in the School to enable the Teachers to fully exploit the methodology.

India Literacy Project:

Mr. Pappu, a field co-ordinator of India Literacy Project, explained their MDLS(Multi Dimensional Learning Space) concept to teachers of GKV and Jayendraschool at GKV. This included a library program and process to assess the students, usage of a low cost science kit for experimentation, teaching  social science using content integrated with Google Earth and a career guidance program. The teachers from both the Schools appreciated the contents. We are in touch with them to decide on the way forward. Their personnel are already working in some Government Schools nearby and are aware of the challenges. Our teachers, along with the Principal, also visited the school to get a first hand impression. Some pictures of presentation: