We had visits from the CSR head of Microsoft Research Labs, Bangalore, Ms Srividya; Mr William Winfield, former Principal of Mill Hill High School, London, during whose term, about two decades ago, the Partnership with Jayendra Golden Jubilee High School was forged; Students, 18 of them, with three Teachers Ms Rosalind Tendler- Lead, Ms Kate More and Mr Shaw; Rev Paul Hunt, retired Chaplain of Emanuel High School, London- our Partner School, who formalised the Partnership around five years ago.

Ms Srividya’s visit was to get a first hand impression of our implementation of the “Common Science Lab”, for which MSR Labs provided part funding. With Ms Usha Raman and Ms Nirmala

Mr William Winfield spent a lot of time with the students of senior classes and enjoyed teaching the students of Class 9 English Poetry and Prose and Reading. A few photographs

Emanuel’s were on their Annual Visit during which their students and staff interact on a regular basis and teach them various subjects, English, History, Geography, Arithmetic, etc, in small groups of five or six children. They also spent time with the children playing games to make them comfortable. The children gain a lot of confidence in these interactions and overcome their hesitancy, to an extent, in conversing in English. The Students prepared and presented them with lovely ” Thank You “cards, wishing them. Some pictures