Emanuells in GKV August 2016

Annual visit of teachers and students from Emanuells, London took place in August 2016. The team was led by Revered Paul Hunt and the Principal of Christ Church School, London, Ms Colette Morris was also a part of the delegation. As in the previous years, the interactions between Emanuell students and GKV children took place in small groups to make the learning experience more personal and interactive. The teachers taught, along with teachers from GKV, took a few classes and this not only benefited the children but also the teachers of GKV. The Annual Kids Day was celebrated along with Founder’s Day on August 8 and Emanuell Students as well as teachers had fun time and got to meet some of the parents as well. Pictures in Kids Day Post.

Pictures below bring out the teachers and children enjoying the learning process. Links to a few videos as well:





all-attention conversational-englishpictorial-learning-2 pictorial-learning