The Building Project

GKV commenced operations in a rented building in June 2009. With about 70  children being added every academic year, in 2012, a second building was rented to accommodate the additional classes. We have now up to Class 6 with a total pupils population of 460.

A piece of land, around 2.91 acres, was acquired for having our own building, in CHATHIRAMPUTHUKULAM VILLAGE, THATCHANALLUR, TIRUNELVELI, forming a part of a Teachers’ colony, with a total area of about 22 acres. The development has been named as JAYENDRA TIRUMALA NAGAR. Teachers from Jayendra High School as well as GKV have bought individual plots for constructing their own homes.

GKV school construction was started in October 2013 and a part of the ground floor has been completed and now occupied. The total ground floor area would be 10000 sq ft and is expected to be complete by end 2014. The first floor, with a similar area, would be taken up thereafter and completed gradually to meet our requirements for going up to Class 10. Substantial financial resources need to be mobilised to realise this. We have so far spent Rs 71 Lakhs ( 7.1 Million) and we need another 40 Lakhs ( Four Million ) to complete the entire ground floor with other facilities.


Mini-convocation and Annual sports Day 15th March 2014


UKG students with their diplomas  

Ever since GKV started in 2009 it has been a tradition to conduct  an annual  mini-convocation and sports day function towards the end of the academic year. The 5th such  function was held on 15 th March  2014 in the premises of Jayendra school.  Sports competitions such as sack race, musical chairs, bursting the balloons , slow cycling race etc  were held for each class.

The children participated with high energy and enthusiasm watched by their parents and siblings.  Bhasker Sharma  and Satish Sangameswaran – Trustees of GK Trust attended he function. While all the children who gave their best were winners the top three in each event were recognised  with a medal. After the sporting events the 70 or so children graduating from UKG to 1st Standard were individually called upon the stage and awarded a diploma. The function ended with a  wonderful speech by Mrs. Usha Raman.  The passion and commitment of the teachers of GKV and teachers and student volunteers  of Jai Sankara school  resulted in a well organised function. The energy, skills and competitive spirit of the young children , most of whom are first generation school goers, was quite amazing!!


Meet a few GKV Children..

GKV started in 2009 with about 145 children in classes LKG,UKG and class 1. Since then one class has been added every academic year to reach the current strength of 420 children.  Not surprisingly the drop out rate of children has been very low  showing the value that these families in rural communities place to low-cost English medium education. Below is a brief profile who have grown and blossomed with GKV over the last 5 years.

Class 4 children : 

Class 5 children:

Teachers of GKV

As in any school the teaching staff at GKV is pivotal  for the learning, development and success of the children. GKV started with 6 teachers in 2009 for LKG, UKG and Class 1. There are currently 13 teachers for 12 classes. This includes 4 teachers who are there from the beginning ie from 2009 and 4 teachers who were added in June 2013. These teachers are all graduates with some prior teaching experience. And importantly, they are extremely passionate about teaching at GKV and driving the learning of the children here.

These teachers are periodically exposed to training on newer methods of teaching and also get opportunities to observe visiting teachers taking classes. The photo below has all the teachers of GKV with Mrs. Asha Sharma – a teacher from Sishu Griha montessori and high school in Bangalore who took classes for GKV children on 23rd and 24rth of January 2014.


Teachers of GKV with Mrs. Asha Sharma – a teacher from Sishu Griha,Bangalore

Mrs. Asha Sharma - teacher visiting from Bangalore - taking class

Mrs. Asha Sharma – teacher visiting from Bangalore – taking class



GKV at Kiddival 2013


The 23rd edition of the annual RMKV  Kiddival event was held on Saturday 23rd November at the Sarah Tucker college in Palayamkottai outside Tirunelveli town. Around 1250 students of class LKG to class 5 from 60 schools in Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Tuticorin districts showcased their talent across  events such as  Handwriting, Quiz, Pencil Sketching, Fancy Dress, Group Dance, Classical Dance, Singing, Elocution, Instrumental Music, Essay Writing and Fashion Parade.

Seventeen children from GKV participated in this competition across 13 events. Children of LKG and UKG participated in fancy dress, English recitation, crayon coloring and Thirukkural recitiation; children from classes 1,2 and 3 in dance solo, Tamil handwriting and English handwriting  while children from classes 4 and 5 participated in Quiz,Mathemagic, pencil sketch, Tamil elocution,clay modeling  and Word Power.

While it was a wonderful experience of learning and confidence building for all the children who participated,  a notable performance was that of Ajita of class 5 who got merit citation for coming 4rth in the pencil sketching event.