Annual Medical Camp 2018


As in the past, we had our Annual Medical Camp in which all the children in the School underwent a Medical Check up. Dr Balasubramanian, Paediatrician, from Pittsburgh, USA, who visits us every year, assisted by local Doctors and Nursing Staff, conducted the Camp. Dr Balasubramanian interacted with the Teachers as well to apprise them of the Dos’ and Dont’s regarding care of children.

Dr Balasubramanian was assisted by Dr Mrs Nambi Nachiar and her team. An ENT specialist was also present to examine those who needed some attention/advice. The Camp was conducted over three days from January 3 to 5, 2018.

Vitamin Supplements, as required, were provided to the children. In general, all the children were healthy and the only area where attention was necessary was Dental Hygiene. Children were advised of its importance and the steps that are necessary to maintain it. Teachers were also advised to stress the importance of Dental Hygiene to all the children.

Previous years’ medical records were looked into by Dr Balasubramanian, particularly for younger children, with respect to their yearly gain in Height and Weight, to detect any case of under nourishment. The findings were encouraging and none needed any special attention.

A few photographs of the Camp: