School Building June 2017

Our School Building is complete except for some internal works in a few rooms in the First Floor. The first floor has added another 8000 sq ft of space. We have commenced Class 9 in AY 2017/18 and the required Laboratory Facilities are being set up. We have adequate Class Rooms for going up to Class 10 in the next Academic Year. We propose to take a call on going up to Class 12 next year and would have to raise funding then for building additional class rooms. In the first floor, we have provision for adding 6 more rooms.

Our primary objectives would now be to improve the amenities to the children by adding good class room furniture and updated learning facilities like more Smart Boards for Interactive Teaching and learning, additional computers to provide individual access to children, internet facilities in a net worked environment, uninterrupted power supply to them, expanding the Library with additional Books, etc.

Our funding requirements for above would be around Rs 30 Lakhs and we do hope our philanthropic Donors would continue to assist us. We appeal to philanthropic individualsĀ  and to Commercial Organisations to support us in this endeavour to provide quality education to children from under served communities, free of cost to them. We do believe donations to ventures like ours will qualify for support under CSR initiatives of Corporates.

A few photographs of our Building.