Computer Centre in GKV

We are happy to share that a Computer Centre was set up with 10 Computers. 6 Computers were donated by INFOSYS, BANGALORE, INDIA, to start with, to support us in this effort. We do hope to get additional ones, during this year, from them. Four more were provided with our own resources.

Children, though coming from backgrounds with no exposure whatsoever to computers, were enthusiastic learners and were quick to grasp the basics of booting the computers, key board usage and performing simple operations like cut/paste, accessing the pre loaded software, etc. Formal lessons on computer basics is a part of the curriculum.

As the pictures below show, children await their turn at the computer table as a Class of 35 is handled in two batches. We have provision for accommodating 20 Computers in the Centre and we do hope to add to the existing numbers soon.