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School Building August 2017



Our School Building is complete except for three rooms at the end on either wing of the Building. We intend taking these up later, when the requirements arise, as the space available now is sufficient for us to go up to Class 12. The first floor has added another 8000 sq ft of space. We have commenced Class 9 in AY 2017/18 and the required Laboratory Facilities have also been set up. We have adequate Class Rooms for going up to Class 10 in the next Academic Year as well as up Class 12, if needed. We propose to take a call on going up to Class 12 next year.

If resources permit and without diluting our objective of providing quality education, free of cost, to the needy, we intend increasing the intake by adding one more section, in LKG, each year. If this comes up in the near future, we need to take up the construction of the additional three rooms in each wing for which we need to raise funding.

Our primary objectives would now be to improve the amenities to the children by adding good class room furniture and updated learning facilities like more Smart Boards for Interactive Teaching and learning, additional computers to provide individual access to children, internet facilities in a net worked environment, uninterrupted power supply to them, expanding the Library with additional Books, better sports and games facilities, childrens’ activity room, etc.

Our funding requirements for above would be around Rs 30 Lakhs and we do hope our philanthropic Donors would continue to assist us. We appeal to philanthropic individuals  and to Commercial Organisations to support us in this endeavour to provide quality education to children from under served communities, free of cost to them. We do believe donations to ventures like ours will qualify for support under CSR initiatives of Corporates.




Medical Camp 2017 1MC 2MC 3

Dr M Balasubramanian from Monroeville, Pittsburg, USA, our supporter, a Pediatrician, along with Prof.Ramaguru, M.S Ortho, and six Doctors from  Tirunelveli, conducted a Medical Camp, over three days, from February 2 2017. All the children were examined and we are glad to inform that there were no major points of concern. Later Dr Balasubramanian interacted with all the Teachers, advised them on specifics as to how to act in cases of some medical emergencies and on other general issues. Parents of some of the children were also invited to apprise them of some minor issues which needed to be taken care of.

Earlier a Dental Camp was also conducted under the auspices of the Rotary Club, Tirunelveli. A mobile van, equipped with necessary facilities, was available to carry out minor procedures, where necessary.

:IMG_1917                    Team of Doctors          IMG_1894                     IMG_1928    IMG_1981


DentalCamp                               DSC_0998DSC_0983



Dental Camp




Kiddival 2016

On 19th November the 27th edition of Kiddival, the inter school competition, was conducted by the sponsors RMKV in  Sarah Tucker College, Palayamkottai.

The competition is open to children, studying in classes LKG to Class 5, in Schools from Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari districts.  27 events covering such items like Fancy dress, Spelling bee, Handwriting, Pencil sketch, Pot painting, Quiz, Vocal music, Classical dance and Fashion Parade take place in a day long extravaganza.

22 children participated from GKV in the various events. It gave the children a great deal of confidence to perform in front of audiences and belief in their abilities. While participating is just as important as winning a prize, Sankaralingam of Class 4 won a prize in ” Pot Painting ” event.

Our proud participants

SankaralingamParticipants in Kiddival 2017

Kids Day August 2016

The annual kids day as well as the Mini Convocation was held on August 8, 2016, as a part of Founder’s day celebrations. Apart from the parents of children who were present in large numbers, we had this year the additional joy of the presence of Emanuell students and teachers. All of them participated in the events enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves bonding with the children and their parents. A much awaited InteractiveTeaching Aid, Smart Board,  was also inaugurated in the presence of Rev Paul Hunt and his colleagues. This will be used, with appropriate software, to teach children in all classes from LKG to Class 8. The Emanuellians learnt and performed a few folk dances, to entertain everyone, in the evening send off function.

As it is said pictures convey the moments better than a thousand words. Here are a few of them to convey the mood:









Emanuells in GKV August 2016

Annual visit of teachers and students from Emanuells, London took place in August 2016. The team was led by Revered Paul Hunt and the Principal of Christ Church School, London, Ms Colette Morris was also a part of the delegation. As in the previous years, the interactions between Emanuell students and GKV children took place in small groups to make the learning experience more personal and interactive. The teachers taught, along with teachers from GKV, took a few classes and this not only benefited the children but also the teachers of GKV. The Annual Kids Day was celebrated along with Founder’s Day on August 8 and Emanuell Students as well as teachers had fun time and got to meet some of the parents as well. Pictures in Kids Day Post.

Pictures below bring out the teachers and children enjoying the learning process. Links to a few videos as well:





all-attention conversational-englishpictorial-learning-2 pictorial-learning